I drink coffee.  I tweet about coffee.  I take pictures of coffee. I often brake for coffee.

I own three coffee machines, two pour-overs, two coffee making contraptions (gifts!) that I have never used, two coffee grinders (one that no longer works), dozens of coffee cups, and five coffee canisters with various whole bean selections from various over priced coffee shops.

I am not, however, addicted to coffee.

I simply enjoy it.

I enjoy it a great deal.

So, what’s the deal with me and coffee?  Excellent question…

I often enjoy a very small pot of coffee in the morning.  Actually, every morning.  And, truth be told, the pot is quite large.  And the pot is full when I arrive in the kitchen every morning.  If I happen to wake in another city or a hotel, I have arranged for the morning coffee before heading out the night before.  No chances are taken when coffee is concerned. Ever.

I’ve taken classes in preparing a proper coffee.  A proper espresso.  I have spent unimaginable – unthinkable! – sums of money on coffee beans, coffee machinery, and coffee tables.  I offer this bit of information simply for your edification.  It is not possible to overreact – or over spend –  when coffee is concerned.

When you drink this much of one beverage, there is the slightest chance of becoming spoiled.  You long for the very best.  You watch the talented barista with the same admiration afforded a talented bartender.  [Correction: You watch the talented barista with almost the same admiration afforded a talented bartender.]  You seek out the freshest beans, the latest brewing techniques, the most updated list of the best coffee shops in every neighborhood and every city.  And, much like a heroin addict, you seek the company of like minded coffee drinkers, as there is nothing that dampens the enjoyment a tremendous cup of coffee quicker than a companion that complains of the cost, the lines, the drive across town, or the constant necessary stops on a road trip.  The pure, unadulterated bliss that arrives with a great cup of coffee requires that all atmospheric conditions surrounding the enjoyment of the beverage be optimal.









UNLESS, of course, you are in a diner.  Or visiting good friends or family. Or you discover yourself furiously sipping a hot cup to avoid the breakfast of McDonald’s that has just been served by your beloved, gracious host.  At this time, it is quite acceptable to order a pot from the well seasoned waitress, offer to brew a fresh pot while your host prepares breakfast, or share a pot of anything hot and black that is available with the others in the group that may or may not also be suffering the consequences of the previous night’s activities.  Close your eyes, breathe in the aroma, sip slowly, gently…enjoy thoroughly.

After breakfast?

I often enjoy a very small pot of coffee…

OUR FAVORITE COFFEE SHOP?  It is likely our favorite because it is but a few feet from my front door and easily accessible, with knowledgeable staff, obscenely expensive offerings, and a sinfully delicious brew.  Tell ’em I sent you!  They’re probably used to it by now.

The DCPR Dine Out Series.

Episode Three.