What does “the best” mean?

JS: When it comes to food and wine, it has to do with taste, because taste really is everything. The food product or wine product has to give instant pleasure to the taste buds. It can be somewhat subjective, but you can’t argue with quality. It’s essential that taste is fundamental; I teach my cooks the first thing that should come to mind when tasting something is ‘fuck, that’s delicious!’ Instantaneous pleasure on your palate. That’s the best.┬áThen you can really, honestly askly yourself; is this the best version of what I am having, the best that I have ever had anywhere? If the answer is no, you’ve got to keep trying.

So what’s next?
JS. We try to do it better.

From “In Pursuit of Perfection | Saison seeks the best in pairings and partnerships.”

Life & Thyme, Issue Two