Allie MacKay









YUP, it’s KTLA Morning Reporter Allie MacKay!! We cannot get enough of her!

If we have some emergency that forces us to rise before the sun, the first thing that we do is flip on KTLA to see what trouble Allie is causing today.  She announces herself with wit, charm and humor, while highlighting many of LA’s most beloved and fascinating happenings.  With a ready smile, Allie reminds us all why we live here and why we love Los Angeles. 

Allie has also proven a huge supporter of our extraordinary local dining scene, regularly highlighting fun and special offerings around town.  She covered The Running of The Bulls at Pasadena’s Bar Celona Restaurant; The Heart of Los Angeles’ Kids Cooking Classes with Madame Chocolat in Beverly Hills; and our friend Noah’s blog “Man Bites World” when he visited Tradition by Pascal in Newport Beach.  She has featured weeklong spots on LA Restaurant Week, and was actually seen baking – or tasting – pies just last week with KCRW’s GOOD FOOD host, Evan Kleiman.  This morning, we watched, tears rolling down our cheeks with laughter, while she interviewed The Watermelon Queen and her court. 

allie at pascal

The value of beginning the day with a smile is priceless.  Sincere THANKS to Allie MacKay for all the smiles…and her unending support of our city’s many treasures.

Catch Allie weekday mornings on KTLA.