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LUCA GIORGETTI, chef / owner

When Luca Giorgetti begins speaking of his childhood, he employs words such as “farmhouse,” “Tuscan,” and “rural.”  The fact that his closest neighbor was a mile away only adds to the romantic charm of growing up on a farm in which the family raised the food that they consumed, whether picking and pressing grapes for wine, olives for olive oil, bread baking in the oven, or freshly butchered meat roasting over a fire.  Far ahead of buzzwords such as “organic” and “natural,” the family’s fruits, vegetables and animals were raised simply and humanely, respecting the earth and its abundant gifts.  Luca moved to Los Angeles with his sister at the very young age of sixteen, completing his formal education of his own accord, while also embarking upon an education in what he knew best – good food.   Luca serves Panini quite unlike anyone else in Los Angeles.  The interior remains moist and cool, while the outer shell of bread is hot and crispy, a trick he brings with him from his favorite cafe in Milan. The Panino is but one of many culinary reminders of Italy. In Los Angeles, he also recreates the bread that he cooked while apprenticing in the better bakeries of Milan.  As states the gregarious Giorgetti, “It’s like a contest in LA – who can be more Italian than the guy next door.  I just continue to make the foods that I learned and loved as a young boy, the foods that I continue to share with my family, my friends, and my customers.”

REBECCA WEST, pastry chef

Business partner and pastry chef, Rebecca West arrives at LUCA ON SUNSET via the fashion runways of Paris, France, where she “conducted an in-depth study of the croissant.”  Following the runway career, she entered the then newly created French Culinary Institute in New York City, where she studied with the world’s greatest pastry masters, going on to lead some of New York’s most esteemed and critically acclaimed restaurant pastry departments.  First, close your eyes, and taste her croissant.  Then, and only then, ask her to disclose the details of the Paris runways and the kitchens of Manhattan.  (Hint: Bouley Bakery & Mercer Kitchen.)

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