DCPR received an email from another PR firm this week.  The email said, “Quick, take a look at this site.  LOL!”

We took a look.

There, before our eyes was our writing, copied and pasted into another website – written exactly the same, with the same punctuation, in the same order.  The only difference was a couple of items that had been added, and they were, quite comically,  misspelled.  Sadly, a couple of future items that do not pertain to this firm were also included.  Clearly, they had not bothered to proof read very carefully.

Since everyone got a chuckle, turns out “Imitation IS the best form of flattery!”

Moral of the story?  Words are powerful.  Choose them carefully.

Better moral? PR is effective even when you least expect it!  And, we can always use a chuckle these days!

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