This spring, perennial Hollywood favorite Osteria La Buca is pleased to announce its expansion. In a risorgimento of sorts, proprietor Graham Snyder has worked with a creative team of artists to unite the bounty of Southern California’s ripe, seasonal agricultural products with the spirit and techniques of grass roots Italian cooking in the restaurant’s freshly designed and newly expanded dining room and bar. With the help of chef Jason Neroni and designer Brendan Ravenhill, beginning Wednesday, April 6th, Osteria La Buca promises to continue to deliver the same commitment to integrity of product and honesty of ingredients that fans of the restaurant have come to expect with an exciting new “back to basics” menu and design aesthetic.

While consulting with Graham, chef Jason Neroni realized that the two shared a core belief that great food need not be elaborate or overwrought, but rather fresh, uncomplicated and well executed in order to get out of the way of the ingredients and find the joy in their innate flavors and qualities. It was this illumination of shared values that led Jason to accept Graham’s offer to remake the restaurant’s menu to reflect its streamlined renovation. Signing on as Osteria La Buca’s chef, Jason mined his experiences as the chef of Brooklyn neighborhood favorite Porchetta and Manhattan’s 10 Downing Food & Wine to bring a new but familiar menu to the restaurant. In the vein of the traditional Italian osteria as a casual, local gathering place for food and wine, Jason’s menu reflects a less complicated classic approach to Italian country food inspired by regional ingredients. The menu will feature house made salumis, pizzas, sputini and more robust dishes like porchetta, as well as a selection of house made pastas that will also be available for retail sale.

To complement the restaurant’s ethos of streamlined simplicity in its new menu and design, Graham has also worked with his experienced bar and wine staff to move away from fussy, ten-step specialty cocktails, developing instead a refined collection of more classic Italian style cocktails. In the spirit of culling from one’s own back yard, Osteria La Buca’s wine list will also expand to feature not only Italian varietals, but also those of California as well, including the restaurant’s own labels, Veritas, a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet grown, as well as our newly introduced Malvasia, all produced in Paso Robles.

To complete the expansion and set the stage for the restaurant’s reconception, designer Brendan Ravenhill has created a warm, welcoming environment through his trademark use of reclaimed woods and rustic but refined materials, each chosen for its functionality and innate ability to become better with the patina of use. A long bar constructed of beautifully weathered dark wood barn boards and topped with zinc serves as both a visual centerpiece for the dining room and a comfortable, inviting space to dine or sip cocktails. New hand-crafted rose hued walnut tables fill the dining room on the ground floor while above, patrons may still dine in front of Osteria La Buca’s crackling fireplace in the cozy open-air second floor dining room. Adjacent to this dining area, Brendan has also repurposed a second loft-like space to create a multi-functional room for both production and dining. During the day, lunch diners will be able to spy one of the restaurant’s cooks rolling and cutting the hand-made pastas, while at night the space is transformed into an intimate dining room, complete with a bird’s eye view of the humming city out of the restaurant’s floor to ceiling windows and chef’s table for tastings and private events.

The joy of eating seasonally, simply and well among good company is one shared by all at Osteria La Buca. It is with this simple thought in mind that we invite you to join us to celebrate as we mature and expand in our goals.