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My previous PR firm had the pleasure of opening The Edison more than two years ago AND DCPR HAS NOW BEEN INVITED BACK!  Selected as one of “the world’s greatest bars,” the Edison remains the quintessential LA night spot.  And, quite frankly, it has no peer – whether in design or night life offerings.  DCPR will be working with The Edison on targeted projects, specifically designed to reclaim the illustrious repuatation that The Edison enjoyed throughout its opening.  Bars, restaurants and nightclubs have come and gone in LA, with some actually atttemping weakend copies of the orignal.  None has come close, nor will those currently in the works.  The Edison remains one of the singular shining lights in downtown Los Angeles’ historic core that has the capacity to attract a wide range of guests from throughout the city.  It is an extraordinary adventure that simply must be experienced to be believed. 

DCPR looks forward to sharing these special events with you over the coming months. 

For information on events soon to arrive at The Edison, please feel free to contact DCPR, or visit The Edison.

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