Each week, we present our most delicious bite.  This week The Salmon Spring Roll at Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, California.

The day was sweltering in Los Angeles…  Correction: In comparison to the 360 days of pristine, perfect weather in Los Angeles, the day was sweltering.  It is entirely possible that we are spoiled, but the heat of the day lingered into the night and dictated a light dinner.  Enter L.A.’s most fashionable dining option: Sushi.

A refreshing mix of  sushi grade Salmon, Romaine lettuce, Avocado, Cucumber, Kaiware, Asparagus & the lightest touch of Gobo Cilantro Aioli, this roll was a flavor bomb, expertly composed by sushi masters, and as light as a feather.  So much flavor, in fact, that we ordered a second.

We often brag about the breathtaking views of Takami – twenty-one floors into the sky in downtown Los Angeles, there is no more extraordinary space to enjoy dinner and conversation with friends and lovers.  However, this night the restaurant was packed and the wait for a table long.  We nabbed seats at the bar and enjoyed the night with two of LA’s most exceptional bar men.  Rather than focus upon an extensive “mixology program” (which is impossible here, due to the large number of cocktails produced every night), these gentlemen focus upon extraordinary customer service.  They acknowledge their many return customers by name, and there is a startling number of repeat customers drinking and dining at this bar.  Their new customers often become regulars, simply because of the welcoming atmosphere that they have created.  It is such a rare occasion to experience such service, that most guests find it surprising. Add in the extraordinary views, and the very reasons that we choose to live in this city become very clear.  You could ask for these gents by name, but chances are they’ll welcome you – in their very personal, loud and gregarious way – long before you get around to remembering their names.