Each week we present our most delicious bite.  This week, the Sable & Whitefish Salad Platter from Barney Greengrass in Beverly Hills, California.

If you ever wondered if the wealthy citizens of Beverly Hills really do live better than we mere mortals, one need look no further than the top floor of Barney’s Department store.  After your first trip to Barney Greengrass, you come away with the only possible answer: They most assuredly do.

Famously jetting in their specialty smoked and cured fishes from the farthest reaches of the isle of Manhattan, Barney Greengrass is the ultimate deli, an unattractive room with a few tables covered in white butcher paper.  The fact that the world’s wealthiest and well-traveled citizens flock here daily, however, is a testament to the product that is offered.

By no means inexpensive, the platter pictured above arrived in the neighborhood of $40.00.  It also served two people and filled a large to-go box, which I criminally forgot to actually take home.  Quite frankly, I suspect that it was the most deliciousness that $20.00 can buy one person.  Much akin to a “fish butter,” the sable packed a flavor punch that melted on the tongue like a delicious lozenge.  The whitefish snapped with a freshness that is rarely found in anything labeled “salad,” and in this case, most certainly not a salad included on any diet to which the fit citizens of this fine city might ascribe.  In short, bliss. Pure. Dining. Bliss.

Sometimes, most times actually, words simply do not suffice in relating a delicious bite.  Now that I recall this extraordinary breakfast, I suspect that it would have been more effective to simply post the picture.  Therefore, I now kindly request that you please ignore all verbiage included between the image above to the link below.