New Year 2011

As 2011 begins, DCPR would like to sincerely THANK our many clients and friends that have entrusted us a with their business, their lives, and – fortunately – their continued success.  We are thrilled to report that ALL of our clients have not simply survived the difficult economic conditions of the previous year, but have thrived in spite of it.  Our unique perspective of public relations is one of gradual, intelligent placements that enhance the longevity of the business.  We have purposefully not concerned our client roster with the latest trends or pop ups.  At best, they provide a naive and shortsighted plan.  Working intimately with our clients to not only ascertain the immediate needs of their business, but also partnering to create a plan of action that will provide economic success far after we have concluded our work, has indeed proven a winning formulae for all of our clients throughout the enormous industry difficulties of 2010. 

We invite you to join us for the many new and exciting activities at DCPR throughout 2011.  We will be debuting a new, interactive website in the coming month in which social media will play an integral role for DCPR, as well as with all of our clients.  We are very excited to report that several new clients have already been signed to begin work with us in the coming months, including our expansion with Jamie Sammons in San Francisco.  And, we have announcements for exciting television series that will feature our clients, as well as international and ocean liner dining excursions that have invited us to participate in various aspects of public and media relations.

The new year brings unprecedented new opportunities, experiences, and client associations to DCPR.  It reminds us to take a moment and sincerely thank all of our media partners, our clients, and our friends and family for their continued support.  We are pleasantly reminded of why we do so dearly love what we do. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR.  It is our sincere hope that it brings each of you great happiness, health, and success.


Dan, Jamie & the DCPR Team