We admit it.  We are addicted to blogs. 

And not just food blogs, either.  While shopping for a vintage Vespa, we spent hours and hours reading through Scooter Blogs.  We once attempted to cook a very complex, three day recipe from a noted cooking blog.  We learned our lesson – Stick to reading, and let the professionals handle the cooking.  Many of our friends are as committed to their blogs as they are to their spouses, and we have watched as several have built entire careers upon their unique perspective.  And, of course, we have come to know many local bloggers in Los Angeles and San Francisco, via opening parties and special events that we have curated for our clients.  We often hear comments about how long and daunting our blog list is on this site, to which we usually respond “It’s the only way we can check in on them all often.”  Each week, we are happy to introduce you to one of our favorites.  The first?


Picture of Urasawa Chef Hiro, courtesy of Refined Palate Blog.   Mrs. Haskell knows EVERYONE!

Picture of Urasawa Chef Hiro, courtesy of Refined Palate Blog. Mrs. Haskell knows EVERYONE!

I love to read this blog and live vicariously through Mrs. Haskell.  She and her husband are renowned diners in the finest restaurants around the world.  She also happens to be the mother of our old pal David, a creative and talented LA sommelier, who’s previous Wine Bar, Bin 8945, was our second home every Friday night for approximately two years.  Her palate is impeccable, and her obvious respect for the talents of the world’s most gifted chefs is evidence of her love of dining.  Incredibly, we have yet to meet Mrs. Haskell in person, and she was once kind enough to arrange dinner reservations for us in several four star restaurants during a vacation to Washington, D.C.! Needless to say, we enjoyed some of the greatest dining experiences of our lives in those restaurants!

If you’re reading this trackback, Mrs. Haskell, please consider this an open invitation!  And you, gentle reader, will certainly enjoy the musings of this food blogger that has been fortunate to dine in the world’s greatest restaurants.  Pour up a glass of wine and pretend that you are along for the journey!  We do it all the time!

Bon Appetit!


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