TAKAMI Sushi Restaurant Celebrates Third Anniversary

With One Week $3 MENU of Food, Cocktails, Wine & Sake

Elevate Lounge Seats

Breathtaking food and delicious views – The secret to THREE YEARS of unbridled success in downtown Los Angeles!  TAKAMI Sushi Restaurant and ELEVATE Lounge will celebrate this milestone with our guests for an entire week, beginning Sunday, August 15, 2010.  Lunch and Dinner menus will be supplemented by a Special Anniversary Menu of Sushi, Cocktails, Beer, Wine and Sake – a gift and a very special THANK YOU to the loyal customers that have arrived every week to celebrate birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, promotions, the end of the work day, the beginning of the weekend, and…Anniversaries! 

 Located in the Penthouse Suite at 811 Wilshire Boulevard, TAKAMI soars twenty one stories above ground, with the most extraordinary sweeping vistas of the Los Angeles skyline.  The classic menus of Chef Ota’s sushi, robata and entrée selections will remain available throughout the week.  However, the party comes to an end on Saturday, August 21, and reservations are booking quickly for the Anniversary Menu! (Our mailing list received an advanced announcement!)  It will be an entire year before it returns, and – YES! –  It will cost one dollar more next year!


TAKAMI The $3 Three Year Anniversary Menu

(available from August 15 thru August 21) 


Salmon Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll

Sushi Trio

Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna

Japanese Taco’s

Robata Flank Steak


SANTELMO, Torrontes

(deep fruit accented by light notes of melon and oak) 

SANTELMO, Cabernet Savignon

(light, well balanced, deep berry notes and sweet tannins) 


Absolut LA

Healthy Shot of Absolut Blueberry-Acai, splash of

St. Germaine & Pama Liquor topped with Fresh Lemon Juice 

Bellini Cocktail

Nice pour of De Valier Prosecco with fresh Peach Puree

Lychee Saketini

Deep pour of “Rock” Negori Sake &

Fresh Lychee Juice


Ginban 50

Junmai Dai Ginjo, 1.8L, Souschu 10/95

Yuki No Bosha

limited release Junmai Ginjo, 1.8L Kunsu 12/115

Kasumi Tsuru

Nama Genshu, 720ml, Junshu 16/62 



Kirin Light

Franziskaner Hefe Weisse



TAKAMI Sushi Restaurant

811 Wilshire Blvd 21st Floor | Los Angeles, CA | 90017

213.236.9600 | www.takamisushi.com | www.OpenTable.com