ATTENTION will likely prove to be the most vital currency for business success in today’s media savvy environment.

The ultimate goal of DCPR is to commence intelligent conversation spotlighting our clients with writers, journalists, bloggers, and the extended communities that will become your guests.   How do we achieve that goal?

We engage with our clients to build a unique understanding of the product, the personalities, and the press potential of each.  We are fortunate to hand select a small clientele, ensuring that each receives unparalleled personal attention.   We do not accept a large number of clients that we are then unable to service, nor do we ever hand over new clients to young, inexperienced interns and assistants.  Our clients work with us! Period.

We do not simply write and disseminate press releases.  We personally escort and invite writers to consider our ideas and events, as well as creating individualized, appropriate pitches that are unique to each publication.  However, when the need does arrive for press and catering portfolios, we create professional, polished documents – in house – that skillfully and effectively represent your establishment.

You will never see us accidentally step in front of the camera, nor will you read about our own accolades and awards. Our ultimate goal is the long term success of our clients, and we work tirelessly, aggressively, and wisely to achieve that objective.

Most importantly, we take great pride in our principled work ethic.  We do the right thing the first time.  We make no excuses and we do not make promises that are unattainable or that we cannot keep.  We do not speak differently out of your presence, as we would in it.  We live for the unorthodox, the experimental, and the innovative.  And we laugh.  We laugh a lot.  We love what we do and it shows – in our relationships with media and our clients, as well as in our obsessive conversations about the talented people that we are fortunate to represent.  And quite often, a few that we do not.

We drink a lot of coffee and we appreciate an expertly prepared Negroni.  And, we know where to find the best of both.  We’re delighted to invite you to share either and talk about how we might play a role in your future success.