sausage ballsPictured:

Miss Becky Leatherwood’s

Christmas Sausage Balls








Ladies of the South COOK

Not all of them cook well, but they all cook. 

Most do not toss salads.  Most do not steam vegetables.  Most have never prepared brown rice or any soy based meat substitute. 

Every Lady of the South, however, cooks.  And every lady has a “specialty item” that bears her name.  It might have been passed down from her great great grandmother or it might have come from the back of a Velveeta package, yet there is almost always one bright, shining example of delicious Southern cooking in her repertoire. 

In fact, that one item might actually BE her repertoire. 

In what has become a great Southern tradition, that item often assumes the cook’s name for generations to come.  Whether it’s listed in a church cookbook, a Jaycettes’ spiral bound brochure, or the Junior League’s  fancy fundraising edition sold at Davis Kidd Bookstore, the items forevermore become named – “Miss Becky Leatherwood’s Christmas Sausage Balls,” “Miss Kendra Pahlow’s Chili Con Queso,” “A’int Thelma’s Sweet Potatoes,” and “Granny Ana’s Boiled Custard.”

casserole 7casserole 3






These days, that item is often a casserole or a dip.  Except for Miss Leatherwood’s sausage balls.  It must be noted that Miss Leatherwood doesn’t ONLY make them at Christmastime.  However, every Christmas for the past couple of decades, she rolls up a few dozen and delivers them to our family as a Christmas gift.  In fact, we have enjoyed them and loved them for so many years, it has become one of the few Christmas happenings that my family counts on as tradition.  It’s a nice tradition.  And, delicious, too.  Realllly delicious!

casserole 2casserole 6






To have a dish named for you is a badge of honor, but, apparently, it can also become a curse.  Once an item is named for you…say, for instance “Miss Charlotte’s Taco Dip,” poor Miss Charlotte is soon required to prepare the same dish for every occasion for the rest of her life.  And, just as importantly, all of Miss Charlotte’s friends and family are required to eat – and LOVE – the dip for generations to come.  Fortunately, there is almost never fakin’ involved…the item becomes famous because IT”S SO DAMN GOOD!







Don’t ask me why…This is just how it is. 

Always has been and probably always will be.

Just talkin’ about this makes me DREAMMM about “Dianne’s Swiss Egg Bake!”

What do you say, Dianne???


Epilogue: Dianne retired from preparing this item, and sadly, no known photos exist…only memories of eating well.  Eating Very Well, indeed.