On Re-Inventing the Martini.  Again.

A new look, a new chef, a new menu,

and a new vision of the martini.

Lola’s is reborn.

More than fifteen years ago, Loren Dunsworth, the glamorous matriarch and owner of Lola’s Restaurant, had an idea for a new cocktail.  She sat at the bar with her staff, experimented, tasted, fussed and finessed, arriving at last with a new vision for the martini.  That Apple Martini was to set the standard for an entire era of bar menus, with a huge celebrity clientele enticing patrons – and bartenders – to fly in from all over the globe to experience this new concoction that has now become a classic.

Much akin to the effect that James Bond had upon the martini, Lola’s was credited the world over for a new vision of a standard cocktail.  And now, Lola’s is at it again.

Barman Jay Graham, a veteran of Lola’s since it’s earliest days, has re-envisioned the martini once again.  In vogue with current mixology trends, Graham has created a new martini list that references spirit forward cocktails, all centered around one inventive new spirit – Tanteo Infused Tequilas.

Graham’s menu includes cheeky offerings such as the “La Vida Loca,” a mix of Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila, lime, olive juice and salt; The “La Bamba” presents a caramel flan of Tanteo Cocoa, rock candy syrup, butterscotch schnapps, and a dash of cream.  From spirit forward offerings to savory and sweet, Lola’s once again brings a fresh new perspective to the art of the martini with a new compendium menu of all of the classic Lola’s offerings, categorized into headings of Sweet, Salty, Sour and Bitter, a favor to assist the uninitiated in traversing the infamous martini list, which often tenders from forty to sixty offerings.

As well, Dunsworth has created a new space in which to enjoy the new martinis – The new “Living Room” offers a romantic fireplace, surrounded by plush seating arrangements of sofas and club chairs, the perfect intimate setting for a martini and a small bite from Chef Reagan Moore.  He has created an updated twist on classic comfort offerings, including a small bites menu for the cocktail crowds and a late night Breakfast menu, featuring an innovative twists on classic breakfast offerings.

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