MEXIKOSHER Chef Katsuji Tanabe’s Hot Pop Challenge

Chef Katsuji Tanabe recently debuted a new item at Kosher Corridor favorite MexiKosher: Mango Habanero Popsicles!  Offered for a limited time only, the pops are simultaneously hot and cold.  Frozen, with an added dose of searing heat. Says Tanabe, “It was very difficult to create.  The habanero begins melting the pop the moment that it leaves the freezer, so you are forced to devour it very quickly.  The layers of flavors are pretty alarming, too – at first you taste only the mango…and then BOOM – scorching heat! It’s the first time I’ve watched people cry while enjoying a Popsicle.”

The MEXIKOSHER Popsicle Challenge?  Any brave guest that arrives and finishes the pop while in the restaurant will receive a gift card for a free entree to enjoy during their next visit. (Offer valid through the month of September, 2012) “It’s been shocking to see how many people have come in just to try this Popsicle.  So far, we’ve seen about one in ten that could actually finish it.”

If guests prefer to enjoy a palleta without the pain, Tanabe regularly offers Kosher palettas of various exotic fruits.  Offers the chef, “We’ve never even added our palettas to the menu board and we have sold out almost every day this summer.  We’re only offering these hot pops for a short time as our way of beating the heat.  And to appease the steal tongues that are always begging me for more spice, more spice, more spice – This pop is for you!”

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