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The vast majority of those that bravely gave voice to a New Year’s Resolution have already abandoned those promises by the third week of the New Year.  As we now enter the second month of 2010, Chef Eric & the kids at SEED Restaurant are at the ready with a helping hand and a sympathetic ear – a second chance to set realistic goals for your life…and, this time, to succeed.   If your goal was to lose weight, eat healthier, find love or find a new career, SEED offers a few helpful insights.  And, best of all, there’s no lectures or preaching; No attempt at converting followers to vegetarianism; No lifestyle changes that doom you to failure and fatigue.  This year, SEED offers a series of classes, daily thoughts and tips, cooking instruction, and special events to assist you in gently, and purposefully, achieving your goals. 

Let the New Year begin – Again!

First, Chef Eric and his wife – holistic/macrobiotic counselor Sanae Suzuki – offer a series of complimentary classes, seminars, and cooking demonstrations.  Scheduled approximately once every two weeks, these classes might cover “Cooking with leftovers,” to “Realizing your life’s goals and dreams,” to “simple substitutions for fast food.” Class schedules are listed on the SEED website and are always posted in the restaurant for upcoming weeks.  Most classes are held at the restaurant’s communal table, although many cooking classes/book signings are scheduled for bookstores and markets throughout Los Angeles over the coming weeks.

Secondly, SEED offers tips for a better life via our blog and our FaceBook page.  These brief, insightful messages appear daily, and might include a cooking tip, an affirmation, a product recommendation, or a joke – all designed to focus the reader, if only for a couple of minutes per day, on achieving small realistic goals. The daily messages will run continuously for sixty days, after which time SEED will host in-house events for all of our followers to discuss successes and failures, and how to move forward productively and positively.

Thirdly, each week Chef Eric and Sanae will give away SEED DINNER FOR TWO’s, personalized copies of the couple’s own cookbooks, complimentary cooking classes, and complimentary counseling sessions to our followers.  Prizes will be awarded via our facebook page, the SEED blog, and via local food bloggers.

Lastly, Chef Eric and Sanae will draw one name each week, with all winners invited to attend the finale to Happy New Year (Part Deux!) – AN EVENING WITH THE CHEFS.  Offered with our compliments to celebrate OUR FIRST BIRTHDAY, guests will dine, mingle through the kitchen, watch cooking demonstrations and enjoy entertainment and readings, and meet leading cookbook authors and lifestyle experts.  And, of course, the topic of conversation will be “Making Small Changes That Matter – The New Year’s Resolutions That Lasted.”

For more information, please visit us at SEED Restaurant

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