Best New Restaurant in America.  It is a phrase that speaks to the talent and commitment of a chef.  It is a phrase that infers a staff of unparalleled knowledge and devotion.  It is a phrase that rewards a group of financial investors.  It is a phrase that changes careers and increases the awareness of a talented group of people that labor night after night after night to produce a simple product, the complexity of which most patrons will never even consider. And it is a phrase the rewards diners with the knowledge that they have snagged among the best reservations possible and will enjoy among the most innovative menus in America.

Today, three Los Angeles chefs traveled to New York City to be recognized by Esquire magazine as among the best new restaurants in America – Chefs Steve Samson and Zach Pollack of Sotto and Chef John Sedlar of Playa.  Each of these chefs epitomizes commitment to craft, and each helms the kitchens of two of LA’s most critically acclaimed, dynamic and successful dining rooms.  In addition, Chef Sedlar was named Chef of the Year, an honor that arrives on the heels of the thirtieth anniversary retrospective of his original fine dining destination, Saint Estephe.

We invite you to visit the Esquire Site for the full list of 2011 Best New Restaurant honorees and The Chef of the Year.

We then invite you to make a reservation and enjoy both of the Los Angeles recipients of Esquire magazine’s Best New Restaurant in America – SOTTO and PLAYA.

Bon Appetit.