Last night, in conjunction with President Obama’s State of the Union Address, Pasadeana’s Bar Celona Restaurant hosted a large gathering of Pink Slip Mixers.  Begun by an unemployed gentleman, Edwin Duterte initially intended the gatherings as a “community of unemployed people, gathering to empower one another and to utilize social networking for the purpose of employement.”  For over a year, Bar Celona has hosted these events as a means of giving back to the community.  Owner Jack Huang has donated the space, the vast electronic capabilities of the space and the professionals to control and maintain them, as well as the staff and complimentary beverages (non alcoholic – it is a job fair!) to serve those in attendance.

As President Obama’s speech was expected to cover employment as the primary topic, the media swarmed the event.  With coverage by CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and KTLA, every local television news agency arrived to cover the event.  Clips appeared immediately on CNN, running throughout the evening, as local coverage continues to appear today.  Although the media coverage was extensive, the real winners of the night were those that brought themself to the event, making a strong statement to themself, politicians, and prospective employers.

Those attending the event ran an educational gamut from PhD to restaurant applicant.  The success of Pink Slip Mixers lies in the ability to empower the unemployed to take positive steps in changing their momentary circumstances.  Bar Celona is proud to sponsor this event each month, with many friends and previous customers arriving each month.  Hopefully, each of these guests will return to Bar Celona soon to celebrate the offer of new, exciting employment.

DCPR is likewise happy to offer our services gratis each month to this very worthwhile organization, with the hope that all of the friends and business associates that we have discovered through Pink Slip Mixers soon find themselves gainfully, and happily,  employed!

For more information, or for a schedule of upcoming events, please visit Pink Slip Mixers.