Although I will be in Paris this summer to celebrate my birthday, this little ditty was, alas, simply an April Fool’s joke.  We thank the dozens of well wishers and offers of congratulations.  And, we’re happy to know that so many of you enjoy our blog.   We’ll do our best to keep you informed and entertained, and we will most certainly offer a little glimpse of our dining adventures in the City of Lights in June!  Bon Appetit!!!

To say that our greatest foodie dreams have just been realized is an understatement.  To say that we are honored to be working with our new European Account Executive Phillipe Guern is an understatement.  To say that we are covered in goosebumps at the thought of flying to Paris every three months for meetings and dining…well, it’s simply surreal.

Paris has always been one of the great dining desinations in modern history.  The United States is now home to many of France’s greatest culinary talents, many with businesses that cross the waters that divide us.  Their talents, however, are enjoyed and respected worldwide.  The opportunity to connect these cities, these talented chefs, and the world of restaurants that they encompass is the ultimate honor for a boutique public relations firm.   Interestingly, Paris is also the sister city of San Francisco, California, which hosts our most recent office opening with Account Executive Jamie Sammons.

Phillipe will be arriving in Los Angeles next month, at which time biographies and client announcements will be made.  Until that time, please pardon our enormous smiles and sudden outbursts of joy.

The Latin Quarter, Paris, France