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For your Halloween drinking pleasure, may we suggest Mixologist Robin Chopra’s “Que Demonio” Cocktail at Corazon y Miel.

El Demonio Cocktail
From: Robin Chopra, Corazon y Miel
Note: This recipe calls for the bartender’s choice of pisco; you can substitute your own favorite brand.
Makes: 1 drink

1 oz. Campo de Encanto pisco
1 oz. Lillet Blanc
.75 oz. dry curacao
Bar spoon Absinthe
Dried hibiscus flowers

1. To make the hibiscus ice sphere, steep 1/4 cup dried hibiscus flowers in 1 cup of boiling water for 4 minutes to make concentrated hibiscus tea. Strain out the flowers. Once the mixture is cooled down to room temperature, pour hibiscus tea into ice sphere mold. Place in freezer overnight.

2. In a mixing glass, add pisco, Lillet Blanc, dry curacao, and absinthe.

3. Stir vigorously with ice.

4. Put hibiscus ice sphere in a rocks glass.

5. Strain and pour drink over giant hibiscus ice sphere and garnish with orange peel.

Drink.  Repeat.

Check out this terrific coverage, via LA Weekly

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Each week we present our most delicious bite.  This week we present the freshly baked Parker House Rolls at the new Connie & Ted’s in West Hollywood.  EVEN IF you are deadly allergic to seafood, proceed immediately to this seafood restaurant and order this $5 menu item, served piping hot from the oven in a small cast iron skillet and dusted with a sprinkling of salt flakes.  It will be the most delicious meal that you will enjoy this week.  Don’t forget your EpiPen!

Parker House Rolls

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The most delicious dish last week: Behold, the dim sum platter at Hakkasan San Francisco.  An astonishing dining journey!


And… there was dessert, too.

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Each week we present our most delicious bite. This week, CROQUETAS DE POLLO (SERVED IN A SHOE) at Chef Jose Andres’ Jaleo in Las Vegas.  YES, you read that correctly, A SHOE. And yes, it was magnificent. Creamy, buttery bites that melt on the tongue.  Of course, with this particular dish, a picture speaks a thousand words. Therefore, we shall not.  Enjoy.



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Who goes to Pasadena for pastries? Certainly not me.  I live on the other side of town.

Until now.

A little pastry shop recently opened on Colorado Boulevard.  For those of you with only a vague mental image of Pasadena, it’s not “that Colorado Boulevard.”  It’s waaaaay down the Boulevard, across from Pasadena City College, and next door to a very busy Starbucks. Oh, and it’s also home to some of the biggest, boldest, most deliciously magnificent flavors I have experienced in a very long time.

The first brick and mortar shop of ‘Top Chef: Just Desserts’ finalist Danielle Keene, this is the cutest little pastry shop that you are going to thank baby Jesus for bringing to your backyard. Just open last week, what they lack in selection, they more than make up for with vibrant tastes that you will knock your socks off!

I only meant to order one item, but I changed my order several times and completely confused the very polite, young counter girl. I ended up leaving with three items, and twenty-fours hours later wished that I had filled a giant box with goodies – For Christmas gifts! Really!

The giant slab of fresh fig newton? Glorious. The coffee cake that I devoured while putting milk in my coffee? Extraordinary. The lemon poppy seed cake pictured above?  Criminal.

I enjoy lemon.  I seek out lemon. I add lemon to everything that I cook. I occasionally obsess about lemon. I famously adore all things lemon. And yet, I have never tasted lemon quite like this.  Intense flavors that remind you of a custard or a curd, and yet these are somehow ethereally light and airy?  It’s a mystery that I shall never solve, nor do I care to.  That is why we have talented pastry chefs! It was, by far, the most extraordinary dish that we enjoyed last week.  And the week before.  And…

If you live in Pasadena, go now.  If you live close, go this weekend when the college kids have vanished.  If you live in Kentucky, begin searching flights now.

I’ll be in Pasadena every week for meetings.  And I’ll be in this little shop for lunch (Yes, delicious pastry most certainly does constitute a sensible lunch) as often as I possible can.  And hopefully, all of those poor saps that are buying out the Starbucks pastry case next door will come to their senses.  They have LA Mill coffee, too.


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Each week we present our most delicious bite.  This week, that bite arrived in a glass – the classic martini at Musso & Frank in Hollywood, California. Perfection requires no description. Go. Enjoy the history of Hollywood. And the martini.

“The history will bring you in,

the food and service will keep you coming back.”

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Each week we present our most delicious bite.  This week, the ‘Bavette, cacio e pepe’ at Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles, California.

One of Anthony Bourdain’s final episodes of “No Reservations” found him cursing his way through Italy, where he naturally proclaimed the cacio e pepe one of those wondrous dishes that no American has, or will ever properly replicate.  As I watched the program, it occurred to me that, with the thousands of pasta dishes that I have devoured throughout the years, I don’t believe that I have ever ordered this particular dish in a restaurant.  It always sounded too simplistic, and is oddly always priced similarly to options gilded with much more expensive ingredients.

Arriving for a charity event on a recent Saturday night, I found myself driving past Osteria Mozza with two hours to spare. It was surely the amateur move to believe that I would snag a seat here on a busy weekend night without a reservation.  Alas, the gods smiled upon me, and the hostess immediately lead me to a single open seat at the “cheese bar” and a birds eye view of the room in full throttle.

My fingers ran down the menu and to my delight, there it was…the very first item on the list of PRIMI – Bavette, cacio e pepe.  I was almost led to believe that the server was gently dissuading me, inquiring politely if I had ever enjoyed this particular dish before and describing as extremely spicy and peppery.  “I’ll have it,” I barked! “And a nice red. What do you recommend?”

I shall spare you, gentle reader, the overwrought adjectives.  Instead, I will encourage you to drive immediately to the corner of Highland and Melrose Avenues. Order only this dish, preferably with a rich and decadently expensive red wine, a simple task as all of the wines at Osteria Mozza are decadently expensive. You will savor every drop of wine. You will eat every bite of pasta.  You will boorishly clean the plate with a piece of bread.  You will smile.  And then, you will thank me.

Surely, Mr. Bourdain was mistaken.


That is all.

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Each week we present our most delicious bite.  This week, the Sable & Whitefish Salad Platter from Barney Greengrass in Beverly Hills, California.

If you ever wondered if the wealthy citizens of Beverly Hills really do live better than we mere mortals, one need look no further than the top floor of Barney’s Department store.  After your first trip to Barney Greengrass, you come away with the only possible answer: They most assuredly do.

Famously jetting in their specialty smoked and cured fishes from the farthest reaches of the isle of Manhattan, Barney Greengrass is the ultimate deli, an unattractive room with a few tables covered in white butcher paper.  The fact that the world’s wealthiest and well-traveled citizens flock here daily, however, is a testament to the product that is offered.

By no means inexpensive, the platter pictured above arrived in the neighborhood of $40.00.  It also served two people and filled a large to-go box, which I criminally forgot to actually take home.  Quite frankly, I suspect that it was the most deliciousness that $20.00 can buy one person.  Much akin to a “fish butter,” the sable packed a flavor punch that melted on the tongue like a delicious lozenge.  The whitefish snapped with a freshness that is rarely found in anything labeled “salad,” and in this case, most certainly not a salad included on any diet to which the fit citizens of this fine city might ascribe.  In short, bliss. Pure. Dining. Bliss.

Sometimes, most times actually, words simply do not suffice in relating a delicious bite.  Now that I recall this extraordinary breakfast, I suspect that it would have been more effective to simply post the picture.  Therefore, I now kindly request that you please ignore all verbiage included between the image above to the link below.

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Each week we present our most delicious bite.

This week, the MIXED MUSHROOM PIZZA with fontina, Parmigiano Reggiano & thyme at Milo & Olive in Santa Monica, California.

We’ve enjoyed a great deal of delicious pizza over the last few years. One might say that L.A. is a bit spoiled for pizza. There are quite literally dozens of high end, gourmet pizza joints in this town. And we’ve tried them all. Milo & Olive presents a small quandary, however. It is a tiny space. Very tiny. So tiny, in fact, that I have never once driven by without seeing a line of waiting diners, and most times I continue to drive past for that reason.  My mistake.

I’ve been here before, and I’ve enjoyed very good meals here before.   This past week, however, presented a dining experience in which every element came together in one of those magical, mythical experiences of restaurant excellence.

When we ordered, the very efficient server informed us that the pizza would take up to twenty minutes to prepare, and asked politely if we’d like to add a starter.  When I responded that there were pizza places in town that could cook my pie in under a minute, he quite cleverly responded with “Well, that’s just disgusting!”  And on that hilarious note, we chose to start with a bottle of Rose to steady us until dinner arrived and to keep the good humor intact.  Our plan worked beautifully!

At $20 a pop, this is no cheap pie.  It is, in fact, that most expensive on the menu.  Interesting, considering the other choices of Shrimp, La Quercia prosciutto, and pork belly sausage.  One bite in, however, and the reason became very clear.  This was no ordinary mix of mushroom. My mind raced back a couple of decades to the fine dining tables that served Mushroom Duxelles – the glory days in which chefs discovered all new ways to make healthy ingredients decadent and as unhealthy as possible.  Although this was not exactly that preparation, it was that glorious mix of exotic mushrooms – the flavors were so rich and bold that it was as if a taste memory had resurfaced.  The funk of the mushroom, the earthiness of the fontina, a hint of thyme, with an excellent Parmigiano Reggiano grated on top made for the perfect pie.

I ate three of the four slices.  The next morning, I discovered the fourth in my refrigerator.  It was devoured cold, slowly, with both eyes closed and a smile.  Hands down, this was the best mushroom pizza I have ever enjoyed. Ever. Add attentive, professional service and good company – one of the absolute most enjoyable dinners in a very long while.

If you don’t have plans later in the evening, as we did, start off with the Garlic Knot.  A giant fist of garlic, wrapped in dough and baked in the pizza oven.  Pure garlic heaven, but only if you have mints at the ready and the guarantee that no one will be within three feet of you for the remainder of the night.  Oh, and it takes twenty minutes to prepare, as well.  I highly recommend the rose to fill the gap.

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