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Brad Johnson is clearly one of Los Angeles’ most accomplished and acclaimed food journalists.  He was this years’ recipient of the James Beard Award for Criticism.  Brad offers perhaps the most entertaining and endearing reads of dining journeys in our city.  Angeleno’s readership is well traveled, well read, and well fed.  To be invited to Angeleno’s annual event is an honor, especially for a working chef!  Hence, The Best of The Best was in attendance tonight!

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In years past, chefs celebrated.  This year, Angeleno used the occasion to support The Children’s Institute.  Hosted by The Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica (conveniently located two blocks from my house!), the chefs “worked” this year, cooking for all to enjoy.

Invited chefs in attendance included David Myers, along with Chefs de Cuisine Michael David, Steve Samson, Kuniko Yagi, and Ramon Perez from SONA, Comme Ca, and Pizzeria Ortica; Chef Lee Hefter and Chefs de Cuisine Thomas Boyce from Spago and Ari Rosen from CUT, and Spago’s GENIUS pastry wizard, Sherry Yard; Street’s Susan Feniger; Craft’s Anthony Zappola; Chef Brian Moyers of BLT Steak; Ray Garcia of FIG (our new neighborhood hangout!); Warren Schwartz of Westside Tavern; Evan Funke of Rustic Canyon Wine Bar; and Monique King of The Nine Thirty.  It is fascinating to note how many of these acclaimed chefs are now cooking on the westside of Los Angeles, surely signaling a dramatic turn in the dining scene of Los Angeles within a very short time frame!


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For a full list of winners, pick of a copy of Angeleno’s latest issue, on stands now.


Epilogue: I spoke these words several months ago to the owner of a new restaurant: “It’s GENIUS!  You have created the. best. thing. to happen to dining in Los Angeles in a decade!  Congratulations! And, PLEASE let me have a table after word gets out….”  Turns out, Brad agreed.

Winner of Angeleno’s BEST NEW RESTAURANT, Church & State!

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CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS!  Fortunately for us all, the caliber of dining in Los Angeles is Extraordinary!

Go. Now. Make A Reservation. And enjoy something delicious!

Sincere THANKS to Brad Johnson and Angeleno Magazine.


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