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How do we create positive change in our own little worlds? How do we support our fellow man? How do we lift up those on the fringes, those in crisis, those with no voice, those that have been abandoned by society? If the hatred and division of Trump is to be defeated, we must all find our own answers in a world that often offers few.

My personal answer arrives this year by once again participating in AIDS/LifeCycle, a 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. My first ride was in 1997, and a great deal has changed since that first ride. I am not as young as I used to be. Or as fit. And the world is much more complicated and, oftentimes, disappointing and cruel.

This year, ALC will ride down the California coast for the 25th time. As I wrote on my donation page, this ride remains important and meaningful – “We realize just how many in our community will live another healthy year because of access to life saving medication, or access to a shelter, or access to a food bank. At those magical closing ceremonies, we know in our hearts that what we have done is something wonderful, something pure, and something important. And then we return to reality. We enjoy a hot, private shower and utilize a clean, private bathroom, we sleep and we return to our everyday lives renewed and replenished, committed to making the world a better place. For my eighth time riding a bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles, I promise to once again ride as many miles as I can.”

This year, we ride in loving memory of Ken, Keith, and Steve. Please join me (and forgive me!) over the next several months as I irritatingly post training rides every weekend from now until the second week of June. This picture, taken high atop Griffith Park last weekend shows a very, very hard earned view – a 42m ride with a hill climb that had me screaming obscenities for all within earshot to enjoy! But I beat the mountain, dammit. Bringing attention to this cause is just as important as bringing much needed funds to the Center. Of course, your funds and support are sincerely appreciated and greatly needed during these days of budget cuts and healthcare uncertainty. Please visit my donation page, and please give generously.

Dan’s ALC donation page:

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