A Commitment to Community (Ideas and free flowing red wine)

On Thursday, March 28, 2013 Osteria La Buca will host the first in an endless series of dinner parties – THE SALON AT OSTERIA LA BUCA.

Last month, La Buca began offering “The Dinner Party.”  Held in the privacy of the upstairs Pasta Room (during the daytime hours, this space is used only for making fresh pasta for lunch and dinner service), the space offers it’s own private entrance, a view from above of the entire restaurant, and a $30.00 pp “All-You-Can-Eat & Drink” of simple greens, spaghetti & meatballs, and lush Italian red wine (min six guests, max ten).  An instant success, the room now finds itself booked most every evening of the week.  Observing the popularity of the space, as well as the conversation and camaraderie that it promotes, OLB has taken the idea one step further – The Salon.

The Salon at La Buca will be offered one evening each month.  The evening will feature the ‘All You Can Eat & Drink’ of The Dinner Party, with one notable addition – The Salon places a premium on conversation.  All of our guests will be invited to join The Salon with our compliments because they have important thoughts, ideas, and opinions to bring to the table.  A diverse group of individuals will be invited to the inaugural Salon, perhaps a scientist, an artist, a writer, a DJ, a chef, or designer – entrepreneurs that have a vested interest in exploring and improving our community.  The inaugural Salon invitees will be hand selected by the staff and owners of La Buca. Prospective guests may RSVP to, offering creative suggestions as to why they will make the perfect Salon guest. Whether that RSVP arrives in the form of a poem, a screenplay, a docudrama, a recipe, a video, a manifesto, a drawing, a biography, or a haiku is at the complete discretion of the hopeful guest. As with good conversation, individuality, creativity, and thoughtful opinion will be rewarded with an invitation to join the group.  After the inaugural Salon, guests of the first dinner will be invited to hand select the guests for the second, continuing every month thereafter.

Why The Salon?  Los Angeles is home to a hotbed of contemporary artists, writers, talented chefs, musicians, city planners, and political activists that are changing the world on a daily basis.  Our city creates and often dictates popular culture. Our reputation as a city, however, is often derived only from stereotypes that have long since vanished.  We love our city and we treasure our talented citizens and their contributions to our community.  Gathering brilliant personalities around the dinner table is the very essence of a restaurant – good food & drink, good people, and good conversation.  At the very least, good memories will ensue.  At the most, we just may arrive at a few solutions for a couple of our city’s greatest challenges.  We are confident that the bonds that are built during The Salon will carry forth afterward into our community, enriching our neighborhood and our world.


THE SALON AT OSTERIA LA BUCA | Thursday evening, March 28, 2013

5210 Melrose Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90038 | 323.462.1900