Each week we present our most delicious bite. This week, CROQUETAS DE POLLO (SERVED IN A SHOE) at Chef Jose Andres’ Jaleo in Las Vegas.  YES, you read that correctly, A SHOE. And yes, it was magnificent. Creamy, buttery bites that melt on the tongue.  Of course, with this particular dish, a picture speaks a thousand words. Therefore, we shall not.  Enjoy.



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“Thanks to your teaching and your example, I know what my destiny is,” said Chef Jose Andres of Robert Egger, the founder of the life changing and life saving D.C. Central Kitchen. This accolade was given recently in Washington, D.C. as the founder of this inspired philanthropic organization stepped down from his position to travel west to create L.A. Kitchen.  The highlights of the evening included the first ever $1 million grant from the AARP Foundation to begin his work here, as well as a $50,000.00 anonymous donation earmarked for website and online support networks.  The Washington, D.C. City Council declared January 20th “Robert Egger Day,” in honor of the good works of the man and his organization.

Mr. Egger arrives in Los Angeles, his former home, in order to bring the power of this philanthropic model to the west coast cities that have struggled to find solutions to homelessness, poverty, and hunger in our city. During the ceremony honoring Mr. Egger, Dan Glickman cited the teachings of the Talmud, offering “Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved the entire world.”

The time has arrived for the most fortunate among us to assume the responsibility of an outstretched hand, indeed a meaningful gesture to save the lives of our friends and neighbors in Los Angeles.

Mr. Egger has created a brilliantly insightful business model that simultaneously reduces food waste, feeds the hungry, and prepares the unemployed for work, all issues that have long been ignored and unattended in Los Angeles. This insightful man brings a plan for changing our city for the better, for productively dealing with some of our city’s most dire human issues, and in the process making us all better people and better citizens.

We gratefully and sincerely welcome that arrival of Mr. Egger and the L.A. Kitchen.  We invite you to do similarly, and to support this wonderful new organization with your time, your talents, and your gifts.




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