The East Side’s Favorite Happy Hour Returns To


City Sip owner Nicole Daddio has suddenly become the east side’s favorite party hostess.  Her newly launched City Sip Wine Bar & Lounge debuted last week with a fresh new look, bar snacks by Chef Gloria Felix, and a party atmosphere to please the neighborhood and the neighborhood adjacent.  Following a week of launches, changes, new customers and old…her biggest question? “When does Happy Hour return?”

In keeping with the new attitude of lighthearted fun, The Sip could offer no ordinary hour.  Instead, Daddio has created a Happy Hour that concentrates on the word “Happy,” while adding to the “Hours!” Beginning this Friday, September 28, City Sip launches SPIN THE BOTTLE, the happy hour that guarantees happiness hour after hour after hour…

For the first week, an artfully designed giant wine bottle will spin every day, every hour, on the hour.  The bottle might land on a discounted wine, a free glass for your next visit, or a snack for the table.  As the evening grows late, the bottle might offer up a dare…perhaps “Phone an ex for a free bottle?”  The offers will change daily, often hourly.  The fun, however, will extend until last call.  All night Happy Hour will be in effect for the first week (until Oct 5), leading to early evening Happy Hour offers Sunday through Thursday, thereafter.


2150 West Sunset Boulevard | LA, CA | 90026

213.483.9463 | www.citysipla.com


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SO MANY social media portals, so little time.

We’ve added Tumblr.  Join us?


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Each week, we present our most delicious bite.  This week The Salmon Spring Roll at Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, California.

The day was sweltering in Los Angeles…  Correction: In comparison to the 360 days of pristine, perfect weather in Los Angeles, the day was sweltering.  It is entirely possible that we are spoiled, but the heat of the day lingered into the night and dictated a light dinner.  Enter L.A.’s most fashionable dining option: Sushi.

A refreshing mix of  sushi grade Salmon, Romaine lettuce, Avocado, Cucumber, Kaiware, Asparagus & the lightest touch of Gobo Cilantro Aioli, this roll was a flavor bomb, expertly composed by sushi masters, and as light as a feather.  So much flavor, in fact, that we ordered a second.

We often brag about the breathtaking views of Takami – twenty-one floors into the sky in downtown Los Angeles, there is no more extraordinary space to enjoy dinner and conversation with friends and lovers.  However, this night the restaurant was packed and the wait for a table long.  We nabbed seats at the bar and enjoyed the night with two of LA’s most exceptional bar men.  Rather than focus upon an extensive “mixology program” (which is impossible here, due to the large number of cocktails produced every night), these gentlemen focus upon extraordinary customer service.  They acknowledge their many return customers by name, and there is a startling number of repeat customers drinking and dining at this bar.  Their new customers often become regulars, simply because of the welcoming atmosphere that they have created.  It is such a rare occasion to experience such service, that most guests find it surprising. Add in the extraordinary views, and the very reasons that we choose to live in this city become very clear.  You could ask for these gents by name, but chances are they’ll welcome you – in their very personal, loud and gregarious way – long before you get around to remembering their names.


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WINE FOR THE PEOPLE – Coming Soon to Sunset Boulevard…

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MEXIKOSHER Chef Katsuji Tanabe’s Hot Pop Challenge

Chef Katsuji Tanabe recently debuted a new item at Kosher Corridor favorite MexiKosher: Mango Habanero Popsicles!  Offered for a limited time only, the pops are simultaneously hot and cold.  Frozen, with an added dose of searing heat. Says Tanabe, “It was very difficult to create.  The habanero begins melting the pop the moment that it leaves the freezer, so you are forced to devour it very quickly.  The layers of flavors are pretty alarming, too – at first you taste only the mango…and then BOOM – scorching heat! It’s the first time I’ve watched people cry while enjoying a Popsicle.”

The MEXIKOSHER Popsicle Challenge?  Any brave guest that arrives and finishes the pop while in the restaurant will receive a gift card for a free entree to enjoy during their next visit. (Offer valid through the month of September, 2012) “It’s been shocking to see how many people have come in just to try this Popsicle.  So far, we’ve seen about one in ten that could actually finish it.”

If guests prefer to enjoy a palleta without the pain, Tanabe regularly offers Kosher palettas of various exotic fruits.  Offers the chef, “We’ve never even added our palettas to the menu board and we have sold out almost every day this summer.  We’re only offering these hot pops for a short time as our way of beating the heat.  And to appease the steal tongues that are always begging me for more spice, more spice, more spice – This pop is for you!”

MEXIKOSHER | 8832 West Pico | Los Angeles, CA | 90035

310.271.0900 | www.mexikosher.com 


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“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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Each week we present our most delicious bite.

This week, the Rillettes aux Deux Saumons | fresh & smoked salmon rillettes served with toasted croûtons at Chef Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro in Beverly Hills, California.

Offered as an “HORS-D’OEUVRE,” at $17.50 this is a spendy starter to any meal.  In our case, however, it was the meal.  Alongside a dreamily seasonal bottle of Domaine Ott Rose, this little jar transports diners to the South of France quicker than any in recent memory.  The menu description of the Ott Rose read “Few wines are as much a signal of a season as Domaine Ott Rose….have a glass a be instantly transported to the French Riviera.”  Paired with this extraordinary little jar of rillettes, had we closed our eyes we could have been relaxing water-side in Bandol just before the wedding of Mr and Mrs Chocolate, inhaling every magical moment.  There is always magic to be enjoyed at Bouchon, on the plate and in the imagination.  


NOTE: Sadly, there are no more foie gras dog biscuits for sale in the adjoining bakery.  The world’s wealthiest pups will now have to depend upon their private chefs for this outlawed delicacy.

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