As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped to shape our business and our life in a most significant way.  The year found us working among extraordinarily talented professionals, as well as cherished and dear friends.  We treasure these memories and relationships and we THANK YOU sincerely for touching our lives.   We look forward to working with each of you in the year to come.

We wish you a Very Happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with peace and prosperity.



“Here’s to the corkscrew – a useful key to unlock the storehouse of wit, the treasury of laughter, the front door of fellowship, and the gate of pleasant folly.”

W.E.P. French
(From the wine list of Commander’s Palace, New Orleans, LA)

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A battle rages over whether or not a young culinary apprentice should attend a prestigious culinary school or train his way through the ranks of the world’s leading restaurants.  That decision was made for Chef Jordan Lynn at an impressively young age, when he was given the opportunity of a lifetime to mentor with a culinary master.

A veteran of several local Phoenix kitchens by his early twenties, Lynn was tapped by La Grande Orange as the sole apprentice of Italian Gelato Master, Moreno Spangaro’s, intensive, old world recipes and techniques.  “Maestro Spangaro” was recently led to return to his family in Italy, leaving behind what had become a phenomenon of culinary artistry.  Mr. Spangaro, after years of break-in’s to his business to discover recipes and secret traditions, selected one individual to tutor in this very precise art.  Lynn, having manned the kitchens at next door’s La Grande Orange Grocery, was a regular of the shop, as well as a friend and fan of Mr. Spangaro.  As La Grande Orange owned the lease that Spangaro was vacating, it provided the perfect marriage.

The lessons Spangaro offered were irreplaceable.  They were also completely from memory, as Mr. Spangaro, in an effort to closely guard all of his secrets, had never committed a single recipe to paper.  And neither would Lynn.  The lessons of the old world would be taught in an old world manner. “The most important lesson that Moreno taught me,” begins Lynn “was that you can focus upon perfection without becoming a psychopath, if you allow it to trickle down to everything else that you do in life.  Toward the end my training, Mr. Spangaro would repeat, ‘You’ve got all of these skills, but making a great product now is only the beginning.’”

A veteran of several of the Phoenix locations of La Grande Orange, Lynn was in the kitchen at the young age of fourteen.  Says Lynn, “None of the kids my age were working. I was washing dishes, wet and dirty, but these talented chefs took me under their wings and taught me a craft.  I found myself ingrained in this industry even before I realized I was interested in it.  Now, of course, it is my obsession.”

Lynn brings to The Misfit a young chefs passion for all things fresh – product and creativity.  Fortunately, his new position arrives only steps from one of the country’s leading farmer’s markets.  With a large percentage of the menu dedicated to the offerings of twice weekly trips to the market, Lynn is thrilled by the possibilities, adding “We are fortunate here that the clientele of the Misfit allows for both those that love a great burger, and those that are longing for a lighter, vegetable centered option.  It offers a chef a very exciting playground.”

Will the infamous gelato make the trip to Los Angeles, as well?  When La Grande Orange sent Lynn to be mentored by Spangaro, the company become the sole heir of all of Mr. Spangaro’s closely guarded secrets.  Renamed Grateful Spoon Gelato, “it will always remain exactly the same,” says Lynn.  “I was only taught one way to make it, and that will always be the only way that it is made.  And yes, it is on my menu now.”

The Misfit Bar | 225 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA | 90401

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Downtown’s TAKAMI SUSHI RESTAURANT once again proves that good deeds are best performed when they originate from the heart.  The entire staff of TAKAMI will sponsor a Holiday Toy Drive to benefit area children and families in need.  This year, however, TAKAMI makes it both easy on the conscience and the wallet.   Through Christmas Eve, guests arriving with one unwrapped toy of $10 value (or more!) will receive $25.00 OFF their lunch or dinner bill.  (the small print: one toy per couple, with minimum $50 purchase.)  Last year, the TAKAMI toy drive netted two truckloads of goodies.  Our charity recipient this year serves over 150 families experiencing extreme medical and financial crises.  The TAKAMI family hopes to far exceed last years’ collection of toys and good will.

For more information, or to make reservations, please call 213. 236.9600 or visit www.takamisushi.com or www.opentable.com.


The venerable LOLA’S on Fairfax has teamed up with The Cirque du Soleil for the month of December to benefit Circus founder, Guy Laliberte’s philanthropic group – the One Drop Foundation. He and Loren Dunsworth (Lola’s owner, and creator of the famed APPLE MARTINI that filled every bar menu in America for a decade!) are Canadian expats, as well as dear, old friends.

Together, they have created the IRIS MARTINI , which will be sold throughout the month of December, with ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of all sales to fund the One Drop Foundation.  As well, discounted tickets to IRIS will be available for all LOLA’s guests.  This offer will be available into the foreseeable future.  (the small print: IRIS discount available with any brunch or dinner purchase.)

For more information, or to make reservations, please call 323.654.5652 or visit www.lolasla.com or www.onedrop.org .


The East side’s CITY SIP WINE BAR,  fresh from an interior make over by designer Troy Silva, rejoins forces with The Green Beacon Foundation for the holiday installation of FOOD FOR THOUGHT, a seasonal supper that will sponsor the Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles, a non-profit community development corporation that has initiated the Veggie Voucher Program.  This program allows low income shoppers to buy more fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the growers at the Echo Park Farmer’s Market.

Tis The Seasonal Supper will feature a four course meal created by Chef Gloria Felix of Reservoir Restaurant, along with wine pairings by City Sip’s Nicole Daddio. This special dinner is Sunday, December 11, 2011, 7pm GBF Home Tour, 8pm Dinner.  $68.00 pp.  (the small print: One Hundred Percent of proceeds go to Veggy Vouchers and local farmers.)

For more information or to make reservations, please visit www.greenbeacon.org or call 213.483.9463.


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