THE NEW OSTERIA LA BUCA debuting on melrose avenue wednesday april 6


This spring, perennial Hollywood favorite Osteria La Buca is pleased to announce its expansion. In a risorgimento of sorts, proprietor Graham Snyder has worked with a creative team of artists to unite the bounty of Southern California’s ripe, seasonal agricultural products with the spirit and techniques of grass roots Italian cooking in the restaurant’s freshly designed and newly expanded dining room and bar. With the help of chef Jason Neroni and designer Brendan Ravenhill, beginning Wednesday, April 6th, Osteria La Buca promises to continue to deliver the same commitment to integrity of product and honesty of ingredients that fans of the restaurant have come to expect with an exciting new “back to basics” menu and design aesthetic.

While consulting with Graham, chef Jason Neroni realized that the two shared a core belief that great food need not be elaborate or overwrought, but rather fresh, uncomplicated and well executed in order to get out of the way of the ingredients and find the joy in their innate flavors and qualities. It was this illumination of shared values that led Jason to accept Graham’s offer to remake the restaurant’s menu to reflect its streamlined renovation. Signing on as Osteria La Buca’s chef, Jason mined his experiences as the chef of Brooklyn neighborhood favorite Porchetta and Manhattan’s 10 Downing Food & Wine to bring a new but familiar menu to the restaurant. In the vein of the traditional Italian osteria as a casual, local gathering place for food and wine, Jason’s menu reflects a less complicated classic approach to Italian country food inspired by regional ingredients. The menu will feature house made salumis, pizzas, sputini and more robust dishes like porchetta, as well as a selection of house made pastas that will also be available for retail sale.

To complement the restaurant’s ethos of streamlined simplicity in its new menu and design, Graham has also worked with his experienced bar and wine staff to move away from fussy, ten-step specialty cocktails, developing instead a refined collection of more classic Italian style cocktails. In the spirit of culling from one’s own back yard, Osteria La Buca’s wine list will also expand to feature not only Italian varietals, but also those of California as well, including the restaurant’s own labels, Veritas, a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet grown, as well as our newly introduced Malvasia, all produced in Paso Robles.

To complete the expansion and set the stage for the restaurant’s reconception, designer Brendan Ravenhill has created a warm, welcoming environment through his trademark use of reclaimed woods and rustic but refined materials, each chosen for its functionality and innate ability to become better with the patina of use. A long bar constructed of beautifully weathered dark wood barn boards and topped with zinc serves as both a visual centerpiece for the dining room and a comfortable, inviting space to dine or sip cocktails. New hand-crafted rose hued walnut tables fill the dining room on the ground floor while above, patrons may still dine in front of Osteria La Buca’s crackling fireplace in the cozy open-air second floor dining room. Adjacent to this dining area, Brendan has also repurposed a second loft-like space to create a multi-functional room for both production and dining. During the day, lunch diners will be able to spy one of the restaurant’s cooks rolling and cutting the hand-made pastas, while at night the space is transformed into an intimate dining room, complete with a bird’s eye view of the humming city out of the restaurant’s floor to ceiling windows and chef’s table for tastings and private events.

The joy of eating seasonally, simply and well among good company is one shared by all at Osteria La Buca. It is with this simple thought in mind that we invite you to join us to celebrate as we mature and expand in our goals.



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jasonheadshot_blancaSDTribuneOsteria La Buca Announces New Executive Chef

Owner Graham Snyder Welcomes Chef Jason Neroni

 Osteria La Buca owner Graham Snyder is delighted to announce the appointment of Chef Jason Neroni to the position of Executive Chef for LA’s iconic neighborhood Italian eatery, Osteria La Buca.  The duo have committed to the creation of a restaurant of ingredient driven “grass roots Italian cooking.”

Chef Neroni will begin incrementally releasing his new menu items, pictures, and other menu and design information during the nine days of restaurant design renovation scheduled for March 27 – April 6, via the twitter accounts @JasonNeroni and @OsteriaLaBucaLA, as well as the restaurant facebook page @OsteriaLaBucaLA .  The complete menus will be released on Tuesday, April 5, prior to the reopening of the restaurant on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.


Mercurial chef and Southern California native Jason Neroni has spent over half of his life following his culinary passions around the world and back. His journey to becoming a chef, which has led him through some of the top kitchens in the world from New York to Los Angeles and Paris to Mexico City, began surprisingly enough with a teenage love of Disneyland and skyrocketed from there.

At 16, Neroni procured a job near his hometown of Orange County, CA at Disneyland’s exclusive Club 33, mainly to get free entrance into the park. The budding chef’s superiors quickly recognized his natural proclivity towards cooking, and encouraged him to learn all he could in the restaurant’s classical French kitchen. The lure of the kitchen proved to be a perfect fit for Neroni and he soon abandoned his college art studies and moved to San Francisco to focus his career full time. Working at Chez Panisse, Neroni worked to hone his skills and developed a keen understanding of the importance of working together with local farmers and producers to promote sustainable agricultural practice. Support of local, responsible producers whenever possible has since remained an important part of his cooking philosophy since then.

In 1997, Neroni returned to Los Angeles to help open the flagship of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant empire, Spago, Beverly Hills. At Spago, Neroni worked his way around nearly every station in the kitchen to learn all he could from Chef Puck and his chef de cuisine Lee Hefter, who became Neroni’s mentor. Recognizing Neroni’s drive and natural talents, Hefter encouraged him to continue his study in the culinary arts and sent him to New York with glowing recommendations. There, Neroni landed in the famed kitchen at Le Cirque 2000 before moving on to Tabla, where he credits with Chef Floyd Cardoz with teaching him about spices, and then to Dan Barber’s seasonal market driven Blue Hill, where he was part of the opening team.

Ever eager to improve his skills and learn from the masters, Neroni jumped at the chance to work for haute French master Alan Ducasse when he was offered a position at Essex House where he was part of the kitchen team that helped earn a glowing 4 star review from the New York Times. Working for Ducasse allowed Neroni the opportunity to work not only in one of the highest rated kitchens in New York, but in Europe as well where he was tapped to work at Ducasse’s Monaco restaurant AD Louis XV as well as his Parisian restaurant AD Champs-Elysees. Upon his return to New York, Neroni took the lessons he learned both at home and abroad and applied them to a chef de cuisine post at cozy downtown favorite, The Tasting Room. During his tenure, Neroni’s creative, green market driven menu helped earn the restaurant both an A+ rating from GQ magazine and an impressive Zagat rating of 27 out of 30, as well as reputation amongst a loyal neighborhood following of devoted foodies.

At the young age of 27, Neroni left the Tasting Room to take on his biggest project yet, taking over the helm as Executive Chef at celebrated Manhattan restaurant 71 Clinton Fresh Food, a downtown institution committed to bringing new and exciting cuisine to the table in a hip, casual atmosphere. Soon after, Neroni’s talents earned him an invitation from the country of Spain on a culinary tour where he traveled the country and staged at restaurants Arzak, Mugaritz and El Bulli. Neroni came back to New York with a fresh arsenal of tools, which, paired with his green market sensibilities, met with rave reviews from diners and critics alike. That same year, Chef Neroni earned 71 Clinton a glowing review from The New York Times, where Frank Bruni called him “…impressive, resourceful, and adventurous.”

After the closing of 71 Clinton in 2006, Neroni worked as the Chef Spokesman for Glaceau Vitamin Water, touring schools nationwide to promote healthy, conscientious eating habits through cooking demonstrations and competitions. When the tour ended, he took the opportunity to do some more traveling, this time around the United States, visiting family, surfing, and eating in restaurants all over the country, from Alinea in Chicago, to Starnes Barbecue in Paducah, KY, to Russian pastries at Pike Place Market in Seattle, all the while gathering ideas and expanding his palate. Neroni also took the opportunity to begin working for himself, building a roster of clients all over the country as a restaurant consultant with a focus on modern cuisine and both environmental and economic sustainability within the industry.

In 2008, Neroni returned to New York to open West Village neighborhood favorite, 10 Downing Food & Wine in Manhattan. This commitment garnered him more critical praise, including an award for Star Chef’s Rising Star Chef for New York, and cemented his reputation as a bold and industrious young chef.  After the birth of his son, Chef Neroni and family moved back to California and back to his roots where he has since worked on several projects through his culinary consulting business. Neroni is currently working with restaurateur Graham Snyder at Los Angeles favorite Osteria La Buca where he has created a mouthwatering menu of modern regional Italian cuisine with his customary focus on locally sourced sustainably produced ingredients.



5200 Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90038

323.462.1900 | 

Facebook:  OsteriaLaBucaLA

Twitter: @OsteriaLaBucaLA | @JasonNeroni



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WE REGRET TO INFORM YOU that on Sunday, March 27th, LA’s iconic neighborhood Italian eatery, Osteria La Buca, will shutter its doors.  However…

The restaurant will remain closed for the following nine days ONLY, during which time designer Brendan Ravenhill will magically transform the interiors of the space.  Ravenhill secured the commission with La Buca owner Graham Snyder more than one year ago, when Snyder happened upon one particular invention of Ravenhill’s in a national Italian culinary magazine.  That invention – a simple, beautiful, wooden bottle opener – forged an aesthetic connection between the two that lead to an exhaustive plan to re-imagine the entire space.  Ravenhill’s vision?  Same as the bottle opener, if perhaps a bit unorthodox in Los Angeles – design items with an artful eye, with the expressed intention that they become more beautiful with age and wear.

Bottle Opener on Table

Bottle Opener with magnet cap

Originally owned and opened by Snyder as a tiny, twenty seat eatery, La Buca burst onto the LA culinary scene as one of the most difficult reservations in town.  At the time, guests were seated at a cluster of Formica topped tables, often as close to the pizza oven as they were to their dining companions.  Three years later, Snyder claimed the adjoining space, a quinceanera dress shop, and quadrupled the size of the restaurant.  A full bar was added, where once only wine was poured. Blazing red neon signage was draped across a new entrance, fronted by a wall of glass.  Quirky chandeliers of reclaimed wine bottles dangled from the double story entrance, as guests seated in the new upper level enjoyed dining by open fire, with a romantic rooftop that opened to the sky.  La Buca was reborn, critically acclaimed and, again, a reservation that often required advanced planning.

Snyder has again claimed a vacated space that adjoins the restaurant’s eastern wall.  Guests will soon be greeted at this new entrance, an open and vast space designed by Ravenhill for the enjoyment of wine & charcuterie.  Walls will be decked in shelving laden with merchandise, around which is built seating and an elongated table surface that wraps the circumference of the room.  There is a large, temperature controlled wine vault to the rear, above which sits the glass-paned “Pasta Room.”  During daylight hours, fresh pasta will be produced for service.  During evening hours, the room will transform into a private dining space high above the hurried traffic of Melrose Avenue.  Three of the walls are upholstered with distressed, reclaimed barn wood meticulously sourced by Ravenhill and Snyder from across the country.  The fourth wall will vanish, along with the oversized Fellini portrait, providing a seamless entrance into the cozy warmth of the newly bespoke dining rooms of Osteria La Buca.

Gone is the marble bar top, replaced by a slab of custom molded zinc. Gone is the large back bar and enomatic wine dispenser, replaced by a low slung, spare row of wooden shelving with a curated selection of boutique spirits and tap beers. Gone, too, are the bar stools, replaced by hand-built high rise seating designed by Ravenhill to enhance the weathered aesthetic of the new room.  In fact, all of the furnishings have been replaced by those of Ravenhill’s design – chairs and tabletops, lighting fixtures and accessories.  The entire restaurant has been wrapped in a warm blanket of barn wood.  Where once there existed a vast expanse of individual tables, sleek rows of custom-designed booths now unite one room with the next.  Dimly designed lighting effects now highlight the stone fireplace and open air rooftop that continue to serve as a design landmark for the upper level dining room.  And yes, the blazing red neon has been replaced by stylish hand-stenciled lettering, illuminated by antique metal lighting fixtures.

Osteria La Buca will debut the newly appointed dining rooms & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC WED APRIL 6, 2011.

For more information on La Buca designer, Brendan Ravenhill, please visit Brendan Ravenhill Design.

Osteria La Buca | 5210 Melrose Avenue | LA, CA | 90038 | 1.323.462.1900 | Osteria La Buca


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Takami Logo



 Many on restaurant staff

personally and profoundly affected by tragedy

With numerous staff members of downtown LA’s TAKAMI Sushi Restaurant personally affected by the recent earthquake tragedy that has befallen the country of Japan, the owners have moved to begin an extraordinary act of giving, offering ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF ALL RESTAURANT PROFITS to the Red Cross Japanese Relief Fund.  Following the discovery that distance from friends and family has proven futile to individually assist relatives and acquaintances, the staff has moved rapidly to do whatever possible to assist their home country in a productive, effective manner.

The donations will include all lunch and dinner service for the restaurant.   Simply mention ‘RED CROSS” when making reservation, and 100% of total proceeds from your check will be generously donated to this very important cause.

This program of concerned giving currently has no scheduled ending date.


811 Wilshire Avenue – The Penthouse

Los Angeles, CA 90017

213.236.9600 |

To request more information, interviews, pictures, video or live feed, please contact DCPR at DAN@DANCOXPR.COM or 323.481.0983. 

Please do NOT contact the restaurant.  










The TAKAMI Chef Stan Ota & General Manager Leonard Matsumoto appeared on FOX GOOD DAY LA

On Thursday, March 17, 2011.

Our sincere THANKS to host Mar Yvette for her support of this very special program. 

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We give a great deal of our time and talent to a few incredible non profit organizations in our community.  They have the expertise to do great things in this world – such as mentor at-risk youth, offer free and low cost health care, and some are uniquely responsible for the preservation of cultures that have touched my life in meaningful ways.  What we offer to them pales in comparison to the brilliant work that they each do in our world, and it is a pleasure to assist them in some small way, whether it be lending our expertise in marketing and public relations, planning events and galas, or making introductions to others in our community that might similarly be of assistance. It is with this in mind, that we continually strive to improve offerings to these clients, including a three day seminar last week in Northern California that specifically taught marketing and social media for the non profit organization.  We did attend every session; however, we were accused of making the journey as an excuse to dine out in San Francisco for every possible meal.  Those naysayers might have been on to something.

Here, we present 72 hours of dining gluttony.  If the mere mention of such gluttonous behavior makes you suspect, or worse, we invite you to visit the many nonprofit organizations that we call “friends” and “heroes!”  Please take a moment to peruse their websites, as well as their mission in our community.   Who knows, you may very well discover the very passion that you have been searching for in your own life!






And alas, dinner was served…



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