The Most Celebrated Night in Contemporary Cocktail Culture

edison greenfairy The Edison’s Absinthe “Green Fairy”

 Downtown Los Angeles is the epicenter of cocktail innovation and The Edison proudly continues to serve this community of talented bartenders.  Radio Room brings the best and brightest mixologists from around the world to share their knowledge and talent at one bar, for one night only.

On Tuesday, March 30, Radio Room returns to The Edison with Joseph Brooke (Edison Director of Spirits & Winner of national $100,000.00 Best Bartender Contest) and his guests Don Lee (Momofuku Restaurants, NYC), Simon Ford (Pernod Ricard, London & NYC), Zane Harris (Rob Roy, Seattle), and Giuseppe Gonzalez (Dutch Kills & Painkiller, NYC). Acclaimed for their own unique vision and distinctive drink profiles, each barman brings to The Radio Room menus that include both signature beverages, cocktails created solely for this event, and a specialty beverage featuring our Radio Room sponsor, Pernod Ricard. 

This Radio Room has evolved in a manner that will effectively feature each Mixologist’s cocktail creations and specialty menu.  Each visiting bartender will be stationed in individual serving areas, and will offer ONLY their special drink menus.  Drink tickets for visiting bartenders will be sold to guests at ticket locations or can be bought from servers. This will ensure that each guest enjoys a more intimate experience with each visiting bartender. The Edison staff will serve ALL other cocktails, food and beverages.

Radio Room is noteworthy not only for the stature of the visiting mixologists, but also for the audience that the event draws each month.  Every leading bartender, bar chef, mixologist, bar owner, and nightlife entrepreneur in southern California is certain to arrive for Radio Room.  The forward thinking creativity of each visiting bartender is on the line – and they bring their “A” GAME!  The brainchild of Edison owner Andrew Meieran, Radio Room has become one of the most significant means of spotlighting contemporary cocktail culture in the United States.

Radio Room also features the extraordinary culinary talent of Matre Ecailler, Chef Christophe Happillon.  Chef Happillon presents an exceptionally luxurious oyster experience, “Meroir: A Sense of the Sea.”  The evening’s specials offer a veritable bounty of the sea, including freshly shucked oysters and crab claws. 

Entertainment by The March Fourth Marching Band features 24 talented musicians, including 12 horn players.  ( Also featured is the resident Edison DJ, DJ Jonny spinning throughout the evening. 

Radio Room is proud to join forces with our sponsors,

The O Hotel (

and Pernod Ricard ( 

Pernod Ricard will be featured in the cocktails created by the visiting mixologists. Plymouth, Jameson and Absolut 100 will be key ingredients in our specialty cocktails.

The O Hotel and The Edison are providing complimentary VIP entrance to all O Hotel guests who show their room key. 

Please contact the O Hotel at 213.623.9904 for special RADIO ROOM package pricing.

The Edison offers a variety of taxi and delivery services for your convenience, available immediately upon request. 


Tuesday evening, March 30, 2010 | 8pm

108 W. 2nd Street #101 | Los Angeles, CA | 90012  | 213.613.0000  

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What’s Your “Go To” Restaurant?

Recession? You wouldn’t know it from San Francisco’s restaurant scene. Just try getting a table for four on a Saturday night with less than 24 hours notice.

Unreasonable? Maybe, but what about spontaneity? Admittedly, the spontaneity was a result of my forgetting to make a reservation, but we could have been being spontaneous. Either way, over the phone or on OpenTable, the answer was NO, unless we were willing to eat at 5:45 or 10:30.

Fortunately, one of my favorite restaurants, Garcon, a charming French bistro in the Mission, offered to squeeze us in and my crisis—looking like a self-centered jerk—was averted. If we arrived by 8, the hostess promised to squeeze us in. We arrived at 7:30, had a cocktail and a nice bottle of wine at the bar, and watched as countless others were turned away.  By 8:15 we were sitting at a cozy table, had a great meal, and a perfect evening.

So why did Garcon make room for us? Maybe it was because I sounded so pathetic on the phone, but most likely it was because I eat at the bar at least twice a month, and generally once a month, I stop in with friends for a late-night dinner.

While it’s tempting to always try the latest and greatest, the tried and true need love too. There’s just something special about eating at a restaurant where the food is really good, they know you, and are happy to see you. Not that you get special treatment, it’s just nice to feel a part of the fabric.

And if you do become a regular, when the time comes and you really need a favor, most likely they’ll give you one of those tables they save walk-ins only or someone “special,” because that’s who you will be.

Tips for Making Your “Go To” Restaurant:

  • Go on slow nights. Everyone from the chef to the busboy will remember your face when the restaurant is slow.
  • Eat at the bar. The hostess, the bartender, the manager, and the chef, all make a stop at the bar on slower nights.
  • Compliment the chef, tip well, and make sure the manager knew you were happy when you left.
  • Stop by at least two-three times a month.
  • Bring in people with you.
  • Recommend the place to friends.
  • Be accommodating. If you’re asking for a special favor, say a table at 8:00, take the 7:45 or 8:15 if that’s where they can fit you in, and be on time.
  • Call instead of showing up at the door.
  • And don’t abuse it. Special favors should be for just that, special occasions when you really need a table.
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