VILLA SORISSO Pasadena | “A Grateful Nation Remembers”

Villa SORISSO owners Jack & Karen Huang are swinging open the doors to their restaurant’s Tuscan inspired courtyard this Memorial Day weekend, featuring festivities and menus designed specifically to honor the areas military veterans, police, firemen, and their families. Memorial Day was created to honor those that offered their country the ultimate sacrifice. This year, in the renewed patriotic spirit of our nation, Villa SORISSO offers the commanders, friends, family, and citizen representatives the opportunity to personally thank those who have served with a calendar of activities and celebratory menu offerings.

To honor our guests, Villa SORISSO has arranged for the presentation of the military colors; themed music selections will be on play; and honorary gifts will be distributed to each guest. Most importantly, amidst the tranquil fountains of our courtyard, an “open mic” will be offered to all, allowing guests and family members the opportunity to publicly – and personally – thank our veterans, firefighters and law enforcement guests for their service. A surprise VIP guest (recipient of four purple hearts) has been invited to be honored for his service to the country.

Villa SORRISO’s Executive Chef, Raul Mercado, has created an honorary menu, designed especially for a relaxed, family orientated day, with the Villa SORRISO owners, Jack and Karen Huang, offering a special two-course menu for veterans and their guests for a mere $10. The menu features hand tossed pizzas, inspired pasta entrees, and picnic style offerings to include two-handed cheeseburgers and deluxe chicken sandwiches fresh from the grill. This special menu is available to all participating veterans, firemen, law enforcement officers, and their guests.

This very special event occurs on Memorial SUNDAY, May 24, 2009; 11:30am until 2:30pm. For reservations, please dial 626.793.2233. When making reservations, please specify “A Grateful Nation Remembers.”

Villa SORRISO is located at 168 West Colorado Boulevard | Pasadena, CA | | 626.793.2233

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It’s positively surreal sometimes – the endless hours basking in the talents of the country’s most extraordinary chefs. Just today, I spent a couple of hours at the counter of a famous LA pizzeria. I was driving by …and I SWEAR I could hear guanciale calling my name! (guanciale: The fancy definition – An Italian bacon created from pork cheek. My Southern definition: Hog jowls!! Lorrrrd have MERCY!) I knew I shouldn’t stop…I knew I should just pick up a quick salad…I knew, I knew, I knew…Clearly, the way this story is progressing, I was suckered right through the front door! There was a parking space on Melrose! What choice did I have, really? I sat back enjoying the most astonishingly delicious pie of guanciale, fresh peas, and ramps, all the while reading an article about weight loss in the LA Times… how we really do not understand the number of calories that we mindlessly ingest…blah, blah, blah. Well, this article couldn’t possibly be about ME, as there is NOTHING mindlessly ingested at this pizzeria. I am thinking about every bite, every taste, every single combination of flavors that were pairing with my little carafe of dry white wine. I could just barely concentrate on my diet article!! I might very well have been ingesting a great many calories, but it certainly wasn’t without a complete and total recognition of the fact that I was lucky enough to be enjoying a Monday afternoon lunch in one of the greatest restaurants in America. And, looking around the room, almost everyone in the restaurant was bone THIN – I SWEAR, so…really, how bad could it be? I could feel the pounds practically melting away with every bite!

This blog offers up a glimpse of many just such talented chefs, restaurants, and nightspots that we have the great fortune to enjoy in our jobs. We have the good luck of working with these professionals, of bringing word of their talents, their cooking skills, their incredible restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and store fronts. We eat and work in Los Angeles and San Francisco, two cities close in proximity but worlds apart in style and substance. We happen to love them both! Dan will mostly be bringing you the news from Los Angeles, and Jamie will do the same in San Francisco. We love the thought of sharing some incredible dinners with you, sometimes even if they are not our clients. That great little hidden gem deserves a spotlight, and it is our pleasure to share! Want to join us for dinner sometime? Fan.Tas.Tic! Drop us a line, we’d love to take you out! Have a recommendation, “Bring It!” If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you, reading your blog, or dining in your restaurant, please shoot us an email. Tell us what you love, what you don’t, what you would like to see and hear more about.

We could not be more fortunate! We get to befriend those talented chefs that you read about and see on TV. We get to go to the opening parties and events…Want to attend? Just introduce yourself, we’d be delighted to add you to our mailing list and our VIP invites. We’ll keep you up to date on upcoming charity events, not-to-be-missed food events, restaurant offerings, chef specials, new openings and, just as important, shine a little light on some of the “classics” that are just as incredible today as they were on opening day years ago. We love what we do! We love to eat, we love to talk about it, and we love that we can assist others in bringing their dreams to reality! Please check in here often, or feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed. We’ll be relentlessly updating our site and adding deliciously interesting information and links to articles and blogs that we think everyone should read.

So, just to get things rolling…Today’s lunch is no surprise to LA foodies. Nancy Silverton has cooked up some of the most amazing pies in LA for almost three years, and they continue to be as delicious as opening day, when I could only sneak in with the help of a friend that happened to briefly work as a floor manager. Even today, only one seat was available at the counter at 2:30 pm, a testament to the fact that LA really DOES CARE about good food! After reading the article about mindless calorie counting, however, I picked up a friend for dinner and drove to the new SEED. There, I had THE MOST AMAZING onion soup (just as delicious without the meat based stock) and a great Grilled Veggie Panini. And, of course, we couldn’t leave without a little (vegan) soft serve ice cream…It’s almost summer, for heaven sake! Two astonishing meals, two completely different worlds of dining, both worth your time, your interest, and your hard earned cash.

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here…because the very best part of these incredible places is sharing them with friends and family…

PS. I just remembered that there is a leftover piece of Sweet Lady Jane chocolate cake in my refrigerator. All diets are officially OFF!!!




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